CT1 Sealant & Construction Adhesive - 290ml

Colour Options; Clear, White, Grey, Beige, Brown, Silver, Anthracite, Black

CT1 Sealant & Construction Adhesive - 290ml

Colour Options; Clear, White, Grey, Beige, Brown, Silver, Anthracite, Black
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Product Description
Downloads & Articles
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Product Description

NEW!! CT1 Sealant & Construction Adhesive - 290ml  
CT1 replaces numerous products in just one tube with unique flexibility! More and more people are now using CT1 within the construction, repair & maintenance and marine industries.

Colour Options Available; Clear, White & Black

CT1 is the ultimate development in bonding and sealing.
Does the job first time every time!

EC1 Certified

Can be applied on wet surfaces, even under water! Unique adhesion on virtually any material in most applications without the need for additional fixings. CT1 is the ultimate solution for sealing.

  • Odourless
  • Does Not Shrink
  • Uniques Flexibility
  • Can be Painted
  • Antifungal 
  • Containes No Solvent
  • Contains no Isocyanates
  • Enviromentally Friendly
  • Excellent Resistance to Chemicals
  • Prevents Bacteria Growth
  • UV Resisant
  • Excellent Resistance to Vibration

CT1 will successfully bond:
all metals (including lead) glass, mirrors, all woods, polystryene. fibreglass, tiles, concrete, most stones (without staining), most synthetic materials, plastics (excluding polyproplene). For appl.ication advice on powder coated substrates contact a powder coating manufacture.

CT1 is the Ultimate Solution for bonding;
showers, baths, sprouting, guttering, virtually anything.

CT1 can be used in the Food Industry as it conforms to EU Food Preparation Regulations.

CT1 is ETAG approved for the sealing and bonding of watertight covering kits and panels for wet room floors and walls.

Colours Available:
White, Clear and Black

cut nozzle to desired diameter and apply. All surfaces must be clean and free from loose materials.

9.25m x 6mm bead

Downloads & Articals:
Safety Data Sheet - Click Here
CT1 ETAG Approval - Click Here
CT1 Product Information - Click Here
CT1 Colour Range - Click Here
CT1 Food Certifcate - Click Here


More Info

How CT1 can Save you Time and Money?
Rather than using mechanical fastening for your bonding applications, why not save time, money and energy by choosing to bond with CT1, The ultimate construction adhesive and sealant. CT1 is an advanced structural adhesive that acts as a sealant, adhesive and filler. It replaces the need for a variety of products, including acrylic adhesives, P.U. Adhesives and Wood adhesives. Here is how using CT1 can save you time and money:

Reduces Labour Costs
The cost of labour includes the welding and soldering of materials as well as professional training, skills and expertise. But thankfully, the majority of us know how glue works and that is essentially what CT1 is, a very strong, durable and reliable glue. Instead of hiring a team of professionals and paying extra for their labour, you can take a handy cartridge of CT1 and get the job done yourself. It is incredibly easy to use and requires no additional training or prior experience.

Easily Automated
Construction adhesives usually require a one of two component epoxy system. However, CT1 is applied straight from the cartridge. You don't have to mix products or different adhesives together for the perfect bond, which is why CT1 is known as The Snag List Eliminator. This helps to reduce labour time associated with hiring skilled professionals as well as reducing the time it would take mixing various components together for the ultimate bond.

Reduce Material Costs
Material costs are of primary concern when you are on a tight budget. In order to produce thick fasteners, the cost of these materials can be quite high. However, using a construction adhesive such as CT1 saves on material costs. This is because there's no need for fasteners or drilling holes etc. to install them. You also have the freedom to bond how you like and in what way you like, giving you total control over the design of the finished bond.

Reduces Weight
Additional weight from added fasteners, nails and other materials can add on the pounds faster than you might realise. Less materials means less weight. Since adhesives weigh significantly less than various fasteners, the finished project and bond will be under less stress and pressure.

CT1 bonds a huge range of materials including brick, stone, wood, plastic, glass, tiles, ceramic and mirror etc. It works both in wet and dry conditions and even creates strong bonds beneath the water's surface. It is incredibly flexible and can withstand vibrations and accommodate movement. This makes it the perfect construction adhesive to use with porous and expandable materials etc.

Using CT1 for bonding can save you a lot of time and money. Instead of purchasing a range of adhesives, materials, tools and hired help, all you need is a trusted cartridge of CT1 to seal and adhere as required.

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Questions & Answers

hi, can I use CT1 on pipework on my hot tub as I have a leak and can it be applied on the surface of the pipe as this pipe will be under pressure . thanks.

Asked by robert richardson
Hi Robert While CT1 could be pplied to the external surface of the pipe (even in wet conditions) i would not recomend it for a permanent fix. It may be worth a go as a cheap and quick fix. Howevwer the best and correct way would be to cut out the part with the leak and rebuild that section of pipe work. Were happy to hlep if you decide to go this route. Alternativley another temporary solution could be a product called \"Fix a Leak\" Our Code 3856 (Remeber to remove your filters be for use)
Response from Hydrospares Team
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