The BIG Super Saver Chemical Kit

Everything You Would Need!

The BIG Super Saver Chemical Kit

Everything You Would Need!
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Product Description
Product Description

The BIG Super Saver Chemical Kit by Pure-Spa
We have designed a new range of chemical starter kits, to make things much simplier for you!

This kit contains the following;

1 x 1KG Spa Chlorine Granules
Spa Chlorine Granules are rapid dissolving and are specifically formulated to disinfect spa and hot tub water, they have a minimal effect on the pH value of the water. Spa Stabilised Chlorine Granules are ideal for daily disinfection of the water.

1 x 1KG Spa PH Plus
Spa pH Plus is used to increase the pH balance of the spa/hot tub water. The correct pH balance is critical to ensure bather comfort and to minimise damage to the fabric of the spa/hot tub. The correct pH balance for spa/hot tub water is 7.4 - 7.6.

1 x 1KG Spa PH & Alkalinity Reducer Granules
The correct pH and Alkalinity balance is vital to ensure comfortable bathing conditions, maximum efficiency from the sanitiser and to help maintain the fabric/components of the spa or hot tub. The correct pH reading should be 7.4 - 7.6 and Total Alkalinity between 80 - 150ppm.

1 x 1000ml Scale Control
Controls and removes scale in your spa. Scale Away will prevent and remove scale deposits caused by mineral precipitation which can build up rapidly on spa surfaces due to relatively high water temperatures and PH levels.

1 x 1000ml Spa No Foam
Spa No Foam is specifically formulated to remove excessive and unsightly foaming. Spa No Foam enables you to deal with foaming on the surface of the water of your Hot Tub often caused by a build-up of soaps, shampoos, detergents or skin treatment products.

1 x 1KG  Chlorine Shock Granules
Rapid Dissolving Chlorine Shock Granules are an unstabilised chlorine shock product ideal for raising Chlorine readings without having an impact on stabiliser readings (cyanuric acid). Ideal for Shock Dosing swimming pool or spa water on a weekly basis or after heavy bathing.

1 x 1000ml Spa Sparkle
Spa Sparkle restores sparkling clarity to the water as the product allows small particles to combine together and removed via the filtration process (the cartridge filter).

1 x 500ml Spa Instant Filter Cleaner Liquid
Spa Instant Filter Cleaner can be used on regular basis (ideally weekly) and offers a quick solution to cleaning hot tub cartridge filters. The unique "trace dye" shows where you have sprayed the product so that you can ensure complete coverage of the filter. 

1 x 50 Strips of Insta Test Strips 5 Way
The Insta-TEST 5 Plus pool & spa strip measures Free Chlorine 0-10 ppm, Bromine 0-20 ppm, Total Chlorine 0-10 ppm, Total Alkalinity 0-240 ppm, pH 6.2-9.0, and Total Hardness 0-800 ppm.

1 x 500ml Hot Tub Surface Cleaner with Sprayer
Pure-Spa, Hot Tub surface cleaner is a multi use antibacterial spray that will help to remove grime, waterline scum marks & bathing deposits from your hot tub surfaces.

1 x 500ml Hot Tub System Flush
Specially formulated to clean inside the plumbing system of your Hot Tub. Hot tub pipe-work can accumulate an amazing amount of unhygienic matter such as body oils, general grime and biofilm that build up over time.

1 x 250ml Aromatherapy Fragrance Lavender
With Essentials Oils for a luxurious aromatherapy treatment in your bath, whirlpool or garden hot tub.These wonderful fine bath fragrances are a treat for both body and soul.  They consist of carefully chosen essential oils and are suitable for aromatherapy treatment.  For external use only.

1 x 250g Dead Sea Salts Lavender
Pure Spa Dead Sea Bath Salts contain numerous minerals combined with fragranced essential oils to provide a therapeutic & relaxing bathing experience.
Made with 100% natural dead sea salt & perfume oils. 

How long will this last me?
Obviously this is depending on usage, however this should last around 3 months of hot tub usages.

Are the items in this pack available individually?
Yes! Please Click Here

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