C-Spa Equipment pack with Spa Hub controller and panel


C-Spa Equipment pack with Spa Hub controller and panel

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Product Description

The "Spa Hub Pack" - Spa & Pool Controller complete with Equipment Pack.
The Spa Hub Pack is a pre-fabricated, fully assembled equipment system for commercial or heavy domestic spas and pools.
It can be tailored to any project & can be configured to operate more than one spa or pool.  All the components are mounted to a frame and wired to a central control panel with a 7" Touch screen.
Simply position the pack, connect the plumbing & power plus any spa side touch buttons as required - It's that simple.
The controller & the equipment pack are available separately or as a complete package shown here.

How to order - Each pack is made to order depending on your project - Please fill in an enquiry form so we can tailor the system to suit. Call now on 01326371488 or email info@hydrospares.co.uk to discuss your requirements

What's included?
The Spa Hub Pack shown here is made up of two elements - The equipment pack (Pumps, blowers, filters etc)  and the Spa hub controller (Control panel and touch screen with all required switch gear) 

We can include whatever equipment you require to meet the needs of your project in 3 or Single Phase.

Sample Equipment Pack List..........
Filtration - Sand Filter with Multi port valve or Cartridge Filter (Option)
Pumps - Circulation/Filter Pump,  Boost Pump
Blower - Air Blower Commercial or Domestic (Option shown)
Sanitising - Chlorine Feeder or Salt Chlorinator (Option shown) UV Disinfection (Optional)
Temperature Sensors
Flow Sensors
Heater - Electric (3 phase) 3, 6, or 9KW (Heat exchanger optional)
Skid/Tray Strong GRP Base Adjustable Feet 
Labelled outlet stubs - Easy to connect to your spa plumbing.
Flow direction labels on pipes
Remote Switches - Spa Side (LED Touch Buttons Optional)

The Spa & Pool Hub - Controller
7" Full Colour Touch Screen Control Panel with switch gear.
Pre-Wired Control Box-  This means your electrical contractor only has to run mains power to the unit.
IP 65 Rated Enclosure
Door Interlock Isolator/Emergency isolator
Stand Aluminium stand for control box 

7" Touch Screen - Features
Programmable Logic Controls:-
- Filtration
- Timers (Run & Purge)
- Pumps & Blowers
- Temperature control
- Remote Switches
- Back Wash (Manual)
- Run time Logs
- Alarms
- Balance Tank level monitor

The system can be used to control either a Spa or a Spa and a Pool from the same touch screen.

More Info

The Controller...............

What makes the Spa & Pool Hub controller so special? 
The system is designed to offer a complete plug & play solution that's really easy to install, just connect up the equipment (pumps, heaters etc) to the terminal rails in the control panel enclosure, connect electrical power and off you go. Unlike many control solutions the spa & pool hub is supplied pre-configured for your project which means it includes all the correct rated switch gear, MCBs, Motor Starters, Contactors, isolators etc.. all pre mounted, wired and tested within an IP65 rated metal enclosure. At the heart of the Spa & Pool Hub is a pre-programmed Logic controller and HMI interface, which unlocks a whole host of features from even the most basic set up to a more complex installation where it can power multiple spas or a spa and a pool.

How to get the best out of your Spa & Pool Hub Controller Why pay for two systems when one will do, if you're planning / installing a new pool and a spa then the Spa & Pool Hub can operate both, in fact the pool control element is even simpler than that of the spa so adding in the pool control features is simple. Both your pool and spa can be monitored and controlled from the same single touch screen. 

What we need to know in order to specify & price your Spa Hub? The spa & pool hub controller is quite flexible, there are a number of ways it can be set up depending on the type of equipment it needs to control & therefore each hub controller is made to order. We ask customers to fill in a project enquiry form as this enables us to better understand the requirements of the project & so we can activate or disable certain features within the HMI & make sure all the necessary electrical hardware is specified and included in the control panel. Please see below the features list which includes everything that the Spa & Pool hub controller can do, you may only want a few of these features, or you might want them all. 
Contact us for an enquiry form/questionnaire (01326 371488) or email info@hydrospares.co.uk

What can the Pool & Spa Hub do? Pool & Spa control systems are often built using an electromechanical approach. This means that many features are hard wired and non-user adjustable. The Spa & Pool Hub uses a Logic System so that all the timers are pre programmable within the system and fully adjustable by the operator via a simple touch screen system. See "More info" tab for a full list of features.

List of available features:

7" Colour Touch Screen - Main Features 
• 24 Hour or 7 day Clock - (User adjustable) 
• Temperature Display (Current and set point) 
• Temperature Control (+/- or keypad) 
• Auto / Permanent or Off setting for main filtration 
• Filtration Advance feature 
• Back Wash / Filter Cycle (Guided manual operation) 
• Remote Switches master control 
• Run Timers (massage Pumps, blowers etc.) 
• Purge Timers Set up 
• Boost Pump 1 & 2 Link ( control both pumps from one remote switch) 
• Filter pump run on time 
• Heater Hysteresis Set up ( setting can be adjusted) 
• System Status Display ( Via Home Screen or any screen when pressing Splash-Tec logo) 
• Maintenance schedule setup and alarm (indicates when a back wash or water change is due) 
• Auto Fill / level control

 Other Features 
• Remote Switch Connections 
• Multi press of remote switch lock out ( stops user switching pumps on/off repeatedly if there is a lag between operation and user experience eg if plant-room is a distance away) 
• Door Interlock Isolator 
• Emergency isolator 
• 3 Phase or Single phase (pre-determined) 
• System Logs ( records device operating times) 
• 240v Connection - for external dosing / chemical controller (operates when filter pump is running and isolated when not or back wash is running) 
• Level control - and auto water top up (supplied with solenoid valve if requested)

System Status / Alarm indicators - Touch Screen display 
• Water Level (if input is used can be jumpered out if no sensor fitted) 
• Filter pump - Grey when off - Green when on 
• System Flow - Grey when no flow, Green when flow, Red Alarm when there's an error 
• Heater - Grey when Off - Green when on 
• Sanitising - Grey when no power is supplied, Green when power supplied 
• Boost Pump 1 & 2 - Grey when off - Green when on 
• Blower - Grey when off - Green when on 
• Lights - Grey when Off - Green when on 
• Maintenance - Grey when ok, Red when maintenance is needed (e.g. back wash due) 
• Overheat - Grey when Ok, Red Flashing when Overheat.

Note: Certain features will rely on the appropriate hardware being installed within the main control panel to work. If a certain feature is not required then we may disable the feature on the touch screen view to stop any confusion by the user.

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