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Our Help & Advice Centre removes the difficulty of finding and rectifying those hot tub problems with helpful advice and will lead you to the right hot tub part /spa spares to easily fix the problem yourself. You will find a range of problem-solving worksheets ready for you to print & keep.

Please note that we try to give general advice, this may not be specific to your spa or hot tub so please always check with the equipment manufacturer first.

IMPORTANT: Always remember, water and electricity do not mix and can be deadly! Any work you attempt yourself is AT YOUR OWN RISK. Please exercise caution. We cannot be held responsible for any injuries or damage that may arise from advice or installation of electrical components in your spa unit.

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Pump Unions Explained

What size unions will fit my pump?

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Pumps With Pneumatic Switch

Useful info with pumps fitted with pneumatic switch.

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Electronic Warm Air Conversion to G70-2VH-S Blower

Air Bath International Sytem.

This artical was kindly written by one of our customers, who found that they needed to convert there heat injected system with a Genesis Blower G70-2VH-S.

The following document contains sound and pratical advise.

Written by Mr Dave Wilkinson

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