Air Spas Explained

Air Spas Explained

Air Spa systems (Spas) can be fitted to both indoor baths and garden Hot tubs. The main concept of the air system is to inject air bubbles into the base of the bath / spa to form a relaxing bubbly massage effect. Air spa is a simple concept that works very well and has been around for a very long time. Air spas are often fitted alongside whirlpool systems.

Air spas should not be confused with a Whirlpool system which is where water is drawn from the tub via a suction point and then pumped back via a series of jets situated around the side walls of the bath or Hot Tub.

The main component of any Air Spa system is the Blower which in simple terms is the "Engine" of the system, the blower works in exactly the same way as a common hair dryer, creating a flow of air that can then be diverted into the systems pipe work and distributed to small jets located in the bath / tub base. 

Blowers used in these types of systems can vary slightly, the main things you would need to consider when either building a system or replacing a blower is the Motor Size, this has to be specified correctley to make sure the air flow distribution of the system is just right in order to be able to move air through the volume of water present in the tub. If a blower is over sized it can greatly decrease the life of the blower and put undue stress on the plumbing. 
Likewise if it is under powered then the motor could burn out.

Blowers can be heated or non heated, with variable speed settings, they can be pneumatically or electronically operated. 

There are two main ways your Air Spa system can be put togeather( plumbed)