Hot Tub Covers

Useful Info about Hot Tub Covers

Your hot tub is an expensive purchase and deserves protection from sunlight, water ingress and chemical treatments.

Here at Hydrospares we offer high quality hot tub covers made to measure to suit your particular make & model. 

We’ve found that there is a confusing amount of information about hot tub covers available, so here’s our checklist of the points you need to consider:

Why cover a hot tub?

Most outdoor hot tubs are situated with no shelter or protection from the elements. Being partly undercover (e.g. underneath a gazebo) will offer some protection but the UV from sunlight will eventually take its toll, fading the tub’s surface.    

There is also the risk of debris & leaves which can enter the hot tub and clog the system; plus of course an open hot tub poses a danger to children. 

Heating a hot tub is expensive without a cover, as you will find that you have no protection against heat loss and this will cost you more money over time.

If your current cover is worn, warped, sagging or has become heavy, it’s time to replace it! 

Buyers beware

A good hot tub cover needs to be sturdy, well made and able to withstand everything the UK weather can throw at it! Strong construction and good insulation are essential.  

However many hot tub covers available are of inferior quality. Although initially they may be cheaper, you will find they quickly lose rigidity or let in water - and then you are faced with the extra cost of repairs.     

All the hot tubs covers supplied by Hydrospares are made in the UK using marine grade vinyl, steel reinforcements and superior core insulation. Prices start from just £XXX.  

Care and consideration

A cover is there to protect your hot tub and is not designed to be stood or walked on - improper use will shorten the life of any hot tub cover! A good cover will last on average between 3 & 5 years.  

With Hydrospares you have peace of mind as the hot tub covers we supply are specially made to resist the effects of weather, UV, water and chemicals, as follows:

Why not download our useful Hot Tub Covers checklist here