O-Care Weekly Advice and Problem Solving

Weekly advice

Once a week

- Clean Filters (since with water)

- Add  O-Care Weekly Spa Care  (150 ml per 1500 ltr Spa add from both O-Care bottles no: 1 & 2)

- Add 10-20 gram of Chlorine after you've used the Spa. Minimal of once a week if the Spa is not being used

Once a Month

- Clean out the filters with Cartridge Cleaner  (leave in bucket for about 30 min)

Once every Quarter

- Depending on usage, chemical use and saturation you need to replace the water.
- On average it is advised change the water every three months (3 Months)

Once every 6 months to a year

- Replace Filters (Hotspring Highlife excluded)

Ideal water balance:

PH: 7,2 – 7,8

Chlorine: 300-500 ppm (parts per million or milligram per liter)

Alkaline: 80 -150 

Measuring equipment:

Make sure you use proper measuring equipment. Preferably a piece which does not leave it up to the interpretation of a person like with for example color recognition.


Problem Solving

Replace Water

You need to replace the water in you hot tub about 4 times a year. Water will saturate with resolved solids which will have a big influence on disinfection.
Make sure to turn off the power to your hot tub.
We advise to frequently take out all the jets and clean them. 

Green or smelly water

When the spawater smells or has a greenish glow it is wise to add chlorine.
The disinfection levels are most likely very low so a bigger dose of chlorine is advisable.

Please check your filters as well because this could also be a reason that the hot tub is smelly. 

How to solve this problem:

Check the pH level and make sure you set it between 7,2-7,6 
Add at least 20 grams of chlorine the spawater and make sure you turn on the pumps for optimum mixing If you don't see a significant change in 15 minutes please repeat the procedure.

Calcium on the tub

When your pH level is to high different minerals will detach from the water molecules. Minerals will now be visible as calcium and they will attach to surfaces such as the tub. Your tub could feel like sandpaper. 

How to solve this problem:

Lower the pH value to below 5, most systems or teststrips won't be able to read this pH value so as general rule you can add about 500 ml (half a liter) of pH -.
Do make sure you are running all pumps and just turn them on a couple of times over the course of time that the calcium needs to dissolve. The process could take an hour or more, just check periodically.
When all the calcium is gone make sure you reset it to between 7,2-7,6 and clean your filters because the will fill up with the calcium

If problems like this issue keep recurring there are product on the market which will help the calcium to stay within the water molecules products such as Defense or Metal Gone can help you.

Calcium on the jets:

When calcium gets stuck on the hydrojets then simply disassemble the jets and use liquid pH - and put it in a bucket of warm water. It takes about 30 minutes for the calcium to disappear.
Make sure to rins the jets after this.

PH value:

pH is the acidic value and we recommend to test this 2 times a week. The value should be set in between  7.2 en 7.6. If you don't do this your sanitation (chlorine / bromine) will not be able to work properly.A
We advise to use easy and reliable measuring equipment because the pH value is essential. 

Flakes / Membranes in the spawater:

The flakes can occur when biofilm is removed within the pipes or anywhere else in your Spa.

How to solve this:

Add a cleaner for your pipes to the spawater such as tube clean and initially remove the filters (to maximize the waterflow. 
Cleaners make sure that everything is being flushed and if after the first flush you still see residue than you should repeat the process. 
Make sure when you finish flushing to put the filters back so it will pick up the flakes. 

Adding Fragrance to the water:

Do try to avoid Hot tub sent which are oil based they have the tendency to unbalance the water in your hottub. 

Storms & Lightning:

Check your water after a big storm or lightning because it can change oxygen levels in the Spa and therefor change the pH value leaving an in accurate balanced body of water.


A Spa itself does not create foam, it always occurs from oils which could come from shampoo, washing liquid, hare gel etc etc. 
Hairspray and hair gel contain dissolving substances and together with ozon an chlorine fumes can cause discoloring of pillows. 


PH- value, disinfection and alkalinity are closely related for the fact that they can have an enormous effect on one another.  Alkaliteit zijn nauw met elkaar verbonden. If pH is not  correct your disinfectant can't work properly. If you have a problem that with minimal changes (read pH correction by adding little bit of pH- or pH +) the changes are enormous then most likely the alkalinity value needs be corrected.
The ideal value for alkalinity is between 80 and 150 p.p.m.