Waterway Jets Overview

Waterway Jets Overview
Waterway are a USA manufacture and supplies its jets and other components  to around 80% of the hot tubs manufatured around the world today. Chances are your spa has a waterway component.

There are are many different varients to there jets, this overview covers there most popular types used in the UK past ad present

In most cases a Waterway Hot Tub Jet is made up of 2 main parts
Waterway Jets Overview
Waterway Jet Bodys 
This is the part that fits through the spa shell and connects to the spas plumbing, the jet front fits into the jet body. In most cases the jet has two pipe connections a larger one for water and a smaller one for the air. Different connection types/sizes are also available in each jet body range so please look at the jet bodies available in each range be fore buying

Waterway Jets Overview
Waterway Jet Fronts (internals)
This part provides the finished look of the jet, and alows the user to control the flow, get the desired massage from the differnt flow paterns (Jet Fronts) available - Jets fronts are interchangable within there jet series. Older waterway storm jets use a Push Twist and Click system and there newer ones use a screw version 

Some of the smaller and older Jets produced combine the two into one, meaning the jet body and and jet front are all one, normally these jets are a simple fixed flow jet, the jet front is both the finished surface (escutcheon) and the the jet body wall fitting. an example of this kind of jet would be the waterway Cluster or Ozone Jet - see image 

The jet model has a direct relation the jet size, the availabe models / sizes are shown below - please click on the relavent jets to be directed to the coresponding products on our website.

Important Note ! - Waterway have now discontinued manufacturing the Click In Storm Jet Fronts & Bodies. They have made available one of each size in a sterling silver finish to serve the aftermarket. If you need to replace a Click in Jet front these can be seen here on our webiste 

The key below shows the different Jet Bodies and there corrasponding Jet Fronts (internals)   

Waterway Jets Overview Cluster Jet Body 
Waterway Jets Overview Cluster Storm Jet Body

Waterway Jets Overview Mini Storm Jet Body

Waterway Jets Overview Poly Storm Jet Body

Waterway Jets Overview Power Storm Jet Body

Waterway Jets Overview Cluster Ozone Jet Fronts (Screw In)
Waterway Jets Overview Adjustable Cluster Storm 2" (50mm)
Waterway Jets Overview Mini Storm 3" (75mm)
Waterway Jets Overview Power Storm 5" (125mm)

Waterway Jets Overview Mini Storm large Face 3-5/16" (82mm)
Waterway Jets Overview Poly Storm Large Face 4" (100mm)


 Jet Fronts - Explained 

Within each of the different jet series above the jet fronts are available with different

a) Massage flow types 
b) Finishes / colours 
c) Escustchoen textures and shape 
Any Jet front from the same series is compatable despite its flow type, finish / Colour or texture / shape - IT MUST HOWEVER BE OF THE SAME FITMENT TYPE - Click In or Thread In
For example, a Poly Storm Standard 3-3/8" jet front with a Massage flow type in a Smooth Stainless finish could be swapped / replaced with a Poly Storm Large face 4" jet front  with a Directional flow type in a Grey colour & plastic 5 point scollop Finish

Massage flow Types 
The massage types provide a different flow of water out of the jet front giving the bather a different massage sensation when sat against the jets, the follwouing is a guide of the various types available 
Waterway Jets Overview