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HS Pro Ice Bath Chiller - Equipment Pack

Extended 1 Year Warranty

In addition to the manufacturers standard warranty (usually 1 year) we also offer the opportunity for you to extend this warranty by a further 1 year for a one off fee. This can be arranged at the point of purchase or within a limited time afterwards.
An extended warranty is an easy way to protect your purchase, against any manufacturing defects causing breakdown. You will benefit from free repairs for the term of the warranty period & If your equipment can't be repaired then we will replace it free of charge.(A delivery surcharge may apply for non UK mainland addresses)
This warranty and the standard manufacturer’s warranty does not cover general wear and tear, abuse or misuse or incorrect installation.
If you would like any further information on our extended warranty scheme please call our Hydrospares team on 01326 371 488 OR email us at

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HS Pro Ice Bath Chiller - Equipment Pack
RRP £1,200.00

HS Pro - Ice Bath Chiller Unit with filter pump - Equipment Pack 
Pre-assembled plumb and play equipment package including the water chiller unit with control panel, a filter pump pre-wired & ready to go. Also includes a suction & return fitting for easy installation.
All mounted on a sturdy 800mm x 600mm plastic pallet for easy transportation and fixings.

Perfect for building your own Ice Bath
No need to add ice - you can set the temperature as low as 3 degrees.

Chiller Unit - Control Panel Functions

  • Indicator light to show when the chiller is running,
  • Temperature Display - The display will show the current water temperature
  • Set temperature point - Up and Down
    To change the temperature use the up and down temperature adjustment buttons
  • If the chill tub is set to 3 degrees, it will run the chiller until it reaches this temperature.
    Once the temperature then reaches 4 degrees it will turn the chiller on and cool to 3 degrees.
  • The default temperature is 3 degrees.

Power Supply 
13 Amp 220v-240v 50/60Hz
The Chiller pack must be plugged directly into an RCD protected circuit on a13-amp socket or box.
Do not use an extension cable

Filter Pump
Includes filter cartridge to help maintain clean water
Change your filter every 3 months and change the water every 8-12 weeks (depending on usage).

32mm Ball Valve is pre-installed for easy maintenance.

Also Includes
1 x Suction Assembly
1x Return Jet Fitting Assembly.
Hole sizes 60mm

  • Suction
    1x Suction Cover white SKU: SUC - 0938
  • 1x Suction Nut straight - 50mm spigot   SKU: SUC-1768
  • A reducing bush 50mm to 32mm SKU: RED-1682
  • 1x Gasket SKU: 1812
  • 1x Suction Wall Fitting SKU: SUC-1810
    (Recommendation - It is best practice for safety reasons to fit two suctions into the tub, these should be 300mm apart and ideally on different planes. Please see separate listing for additional suctions.)

  • Return
  • 1 x Return Hydro Jet - SKU: JET-2148 
  • 1x Suction Nut straight - 50mm spigot   SKU: SUC-1768
  • A reducing bush 50mm to 32mm SKU: RED-1682
  • 1x Gasket SKU: 1812
  • 1x Suction Wall Fitting SKU: SUC-1810

Other items you may need....

  • The Ice Bath of your choice - (Eg A Barrel, IBC, Inflatable Ice Bath etc)
  • If intended for outdoor use you will need to install the chiller unit inside a weather proof housing.
    Note: Adequate ventilation is required.
  • A second suction fitting assembly is recommended (to comply with safety recommendations)
  • A length of 32mm semi rigid pipe - length depends on installation SKU: 2778
  • WDF Glue SKU: 5200P
  • Chlorine Tablets, Floating Dispenser and test strips SKU: CHM-9324
  • Spare filter cartridge
  • Additional 32mm Ball Valves - depending on installation. SKU: VAL-11661

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