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Balboa Spa Pack - BP8

With 3kW 825 Incoloy Heater

Extended 1 Year Warranty

In addition to the manufacturers standard warranty (usually 1 year) we also offer the opportunity for you to extend this warranty by a further 1 year for a one off fee. This can be arranged at the point of purchase or within a limited time afterwards.
An extended warranty is an easy way to protect your purchase, against any manufacturing defects causing breakdown. You will benefit from free repairs for the term of the warranty period & If your equipment can't be repaired then we will replace it free of charge.(A delivery surcharge may apply for non UK mainland addresses)
This warranty and the standard manufacturer’s warranty does not cover general wear and tear, abuse or misuse or incorrect installation.
If you would like any further information on our extended warranty scheme please call our Hydrospares team on 01326 371 488 OR email us at

LID: 80615
New from Balboa
For All TP & Spatouch Topsides
Clim8zone Compatible
£558.59 Inc VAT
( £863.02)
15 In StockSame day dispatch if ordered by 14:00
Fast UK Delivery
Balboa Spa Pack - BP8
RRP £863.02

The BP8 control box is suitable for many spas, It will operate spas with 1 pump up to as many as 3 pumps + 1 Blower.
It offers a universal solution for upgrading or replacing a spa pack & is packed with all the latest features.

It is the perfect upgrade solution for GS control packs, when installed with a compatible TP or Spa touch topside.
Alternatively if you prefer the GS packs they are listed here.
The BP8 is also a direct replacement for the BP601s and most BP200/BP2001 packs (Note if  your pump two is a 2 speed pump then you need the BP2001 pack

Upgrading from older systems
If you are upgrading from an older system with JJ plugs then you may need to modify your cables, the BP8 box uses amp plugs to connect to the circuit board.
Amp Plug & Cables

Wifi - ContolMySpa App
The BP8 Pack is also compatible with the Balboa ControlMySpa App & is Wifi Ready, you will need the Balboa Wifi receiver module
The Wifi Module (Balboa ControlMySpa App) allows you to control your hot tub remotely from your Smart device.
Simply connect to your phone, tablet or computer.
With the App you can control the lights, set the temperature, activate the jets and so much more from your smart device!

Compatible BP8 Topsides:
TP Topsides 
Spa Touch Panels

Topside Info
spaTouch3 Any version (version 3.2 or later required for Clim8zone heat pump support)
spaTouch2 Any version (version 2.19 or later required for CHROMAZON3 support; version 2.36 or later required for Clim8zone heat pump support)
Icon spaTouch Any version (version 3.36 or later required for bba2 fully integrated functionality)
Menued spaTouch Any version (version 2.8 or later required for bba2 integrated functionality)
TP900* Version 3.1 and later (Version 3.13 or later required for bba)
TP800 Version 3.1 and later (Version 3.13 or later required for bba; version 4.11 or later required for bba2 integrated functionality)
TP700/TP740 Any versionTP600 Version 2.7 and later (Version 2.12 or later required for bba/bba2 On/Off control via menu)
TP500 Any version -- only usable in those Setups that have at most one other piece of equipment (Pump 2 or Blower) in addition to Pump 1
TP400T CE* Version 2.7 and later (TP400T US should not be used) (Version 2.12 or later required for bba/bba2 On/Off control via menu)
TP400W CE* Version 2.7 and later (TP400W US should not be used) (Version 2.12 or later required for bba/bba2 On/Off control via menu)
TP200T* Any version
TP200W* Any version
* The TP900 and TP400/TP200 series panels are not supported in all Setups. See the Panel Configuration pages for these panels for details.

Set Up/Out Puts

The BP8 pack can run multiple configurations from 1 pump single speed up to 3 pumps + circ pump + blower.
You can set them up to suit your requirements.
Please refer to the tech sheet in the above associated documents.
They are shipped in Set Up 1 mode so you may need to amend the dip switches on the PCB and the set up program within the topside controller according to your set up.

Heat pumps
The BP8 is compatible with the Balboa Clim8zone Heat Pump if used with the correct topside.

Setups are found in the attached tech sheet.

Compatible Spa Packs (Works With)
Spare Part Diagram
Spare Part Diagram
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