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  • Pool, spa & hot tub vacuum
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  • The Grit Gitter is 9 inches long
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  • 27" Extension Pipe
  • For Hand Held Grit Gitter Spa Vacuum
  • 700mm Long
  • Clean the Spa Without Getting Wet
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    A Simple & effective solution for cleaning your spa, hot tub or pool.

  • No pumping
  • No batteries
  • No water hook-up
  • Extends 7ft
  • Picks up rocks, pennies, marbles, beach sand,
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    • All-in-one pool and spa vacuum
    • Quick, easy clean up of minor debris
    • Uses a simple pump action to create suction
    • Includes leaf skimmer, dual nozzle, wide nozzle, slide-on brush and wall mount
    Discontinued Discontinued